Memorize Important facts related to Vitamins

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Memorize Important facts related to Vitamins

Memorize Important facts related to Vitamins using Flashcard for State Civil Services Exams like BPSC, UPPSC, MPPSC, JPSC, HPSC, RPSC etc.

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Fat soluble vitamins

(A, D, E, K). These are rich in liver cells.

Water soluble vitamins

(C, B-complex). These are present in much smaller amounts in cells.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also known as 'Retinol'.

● Deficiency diseases: Night blindness, redness in eyes (Exophthalmia), degeneration of lachrymal glands.

Vitamin D

● Vitamin D is also known as 'Calciferol'.

● Deficiency diseases: Rickets in children, Osteomalacia in adults.

Vitamin E

● Vitamin E is also known as 'Tocopherol'.

● Deficiency diseases: Sterility nutritional nuclear dystrophy, neurosis of heart muscles.

Vitamin K

● Vitamin K is also known as 'Anti hemorrhagic'.
Deficiency diseases: Blood coagulation is prevented, continuous bleeding occurs.

Vitamin 'B Complex'

Vitamin B Complex is a mixture of B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12.

Vitamin B1

● Vitamin B1 is also known as Thiamin.
Deficiency diseases: Beri Beri disease which affects the legs.

Vitamin B2

● Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin.
Deficiency diseases: Dark red tongue, dermatitis, cheilosis occurs at the corners of mouth & lips.

Vitamin B3

● Vitamin B3 is also known as Pentothenic acid.
Deficiency diseases: Burning sensations of feet.

Vitamin B5

● Vitamin B5 is also known as Nicotinic acid/Niacin.
Deficiency diseases: Pellagra, dermatitis, diarrhea.

Vitamin B6

● Vitamin B6 is also known as Pyridoxine.
Deficiency diseases: Dermatitis and convulsions.

Vitamin B7

● Vitamin B7 is also known as Biotin (also considered as vitamin H).
Deficiency diseases: Dermatitis, blood cholesterol increases, loss of hair and paralysis.

Vitamin B9

● Vitamin B9 is also known as Folic acid.
● Deficiency diseases: Anemia, inflammation of tongue, gastro intestinal disorders.

Vitamin B12

● Vitamin B12 is also known as 'Cynocobal amine'.
Deficiency diseases: Pernicious anemia, hyperglycemia.

Vitamin C

● Vitamin C is also known as 'Ascorbic acid'.
Deficiency diseases: Scurvy, delay in wound healing.