The Strategies That Help You Clear UPSC CSE !

Hello Aspirants,

Everyone knows that UPSC doesn’t ask you to just be a bookworm but asks you to be smarter in all aspects. It tests you by all means and wants you to be the perfect fit for serving the nation. UPSC is India’s toughest examination, has a vast number of Aspirants, willing to crack it and achieve their goals, which makes it a bit harder, as the number of candidates and the seats available aren’t near to each other even in counts. 

Considering the vast syllabus of UPSC, aspirants also decide to start the preparations early and the ambition, zeal, and dedication are thrilling. But it is nowhere mentioned that the ones who start late, don’t make it to UPSC. Your dedication, hard work, preparation, strategy, and smart work play the lead role in your process of being a Civil Servant. Every aspirant works with a different strategy and it may differ from one to another. But some things fall similarly in every aspirant’s preparation and must be considered by everyone who aims to crack India’s toughest examination.

We have some points summed up for our aspirants, which would help them ease the process by simply keeping things clear in their minds. Let’s just begin without tips that would help you with your preparations for UPSC.

  • Understand what UPSC needs from you, know its structure well: Understand the exam before preparing for it. Don’t just rush, take some time and understand the exam structure well and also get some knowledge by having a look at previous year's question papers. It would help you to understand what the examination needs and what you need to focus on.
  • Get your fundamentals cleared first: Keep the basics clear. A well-built foundation helps the building stand strong and fearless. UPSC needs the same from you. Having basics clear would help you with a better understanding of bigger concepts and so a better preparation.
  • Complete the NCERT books till the 12th level: NCERTs are highly recommended for UPSC preparations. Reading the NCERTs is the first step taken towards Civil Services and is a crucial part of the preparation. And don’t underestimate the part and prepare it well.
  • Now, go for the completion of the syllabus: After the completion of NCERTs, you must start with the syllabus and try covering everything possible with proper note-making. But, move to this step only after having your basics clear and NCERTs completed.
  • Cover the whole syllabus at least 2 times: Work with an aim of at least covering the complete UPSC syllabus 2 times. As we know that the syllabus is vast and covering everything takes time, but manage it wisely and keep the calculation for at least covering everything for 2 times, to keep things in mind and not to forget on time.
  • Newspaper reading must be your first love: Current affairs are the heart of UPSC and to stay updated you must have a habit of reading newspapers. It is going to help you so much.
  • Make clear notes and mind maps: Notes making and mind mapping are some techniques that help you with everything. And you must maintain both of them, to go perfect with your preparations. As notes and mind maps would be helping you when the time comes closer, for faster revisions.
  • Grow your writing skills and habits: Writing skills and habits must be nurtured well, as the CSE is all about writing. And you are expected to write so well and you have to be the best with writing, as the competition is tough.
  • Cover your optional subject well: Optional is the mark fetcher for every aspirant, as you have the right to choose the one of your choices. So, prepare well as it may help you with some more points.
  • Get the correct guidance and don’t have changes every single time in your mind: Correct guidance is necessary, don’t just lend your ears to every single person talking about UPSC. And don’t go on changing your strategies with every new video that you watch over YouTube or articles that you read over the internet. This may let you down later and distract you too.
  • Proper revision before exams: Revisions are the most important part, as after covering such a vast syllabus you can’t remember every single thing. So, to keep the stuff in mind you need proper revisions. So, take proper time for revisions, and don’t you dare underestimate this part of your preparation.
  • Don’t add things, before a few months of examination: Don’t think of adding new things to your list, now may it be some more topics, books, or a few chapters. This may disturb you and affect your complete preparation.
  • Practicing previous year's question papers are lifesavers: Practice makes a man perfect. And in order to be that perfect fit for the Civil Services, you need to practice. And practicing the previous year's questions helps you so much with your preparations. As you get overall ideas about the examination, questions and time management too.
  • Go for mock tests and interviews: Mock tests and interviews help you with real-time preparations. As you understand and at least experience, how it may be like. And so you get a chance of preparing yourself a bit better in the areas you lack.
  • Now, stop just worrying and start doing: Worrying won’t help but working would. So, start preparing well and stop worrying about Hows’ and Whens’. And have faith in yourself and your hard work. Keep the focus on your aim and you will rock!
Wishing all the aspirants the best of luck.

And we hope that it helps you to build a great strategy for your preparations.

Have a happy reading, Aspirants.