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Prakash Singh case is more popularly associated with which of the following?


What is the SC’s Prakash Singh judgment on police reforms?
  • Prakash Singh, who served as DGP of UP Police and Assam Police besides other postings, filed a PIL in the Supreme Court post retirement, in 1996, seeking police reforms.
  • In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court in September 2006 had directed all states and Union Territories to bring in police reforms.
What measures were suggested by the Supreme Court?
  • Fixing the tenure and selection of the DGP to avoid situations where officers about to retire in a few months are given the post.
  • In order to ensure no political interference, a minimum tenure was sought for the Inspector General of Police so that they are not transferred mid-term by politicians.
  • Postings of officers should be done by Police Establishment Boards (PEB) comprising police officers and senior bureaucrats to insulate powers of postings and transfers from political leaders.
  • Set up State Police Complaints Authority (SPCA) to give a platform where common people aggrieved by police action could approach.
  • Separate investigation and law and order functions to better improve policing.
  • Set up of State Security Commissions (SSC) that would have members from civil society.
  • Form a National Security Commission.